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I am thrilled to announce that I have secured the portrait job of a lifetime, and will use it to raise thousands of dollars for environmental conservation causes.

I will be painting the portrait of environment icon and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, after him giving me  personal permission! Yep, you read it right!!!

I plan to auction the piece off and raise thousands of dollars for a cause close to my heart.

My recent press release about this project can be found right here!

I wrote to Mr Attenborough, asking him to sit for a portrait.

I was stunned when the 94-year-old replied with a handwritten letter, giving me the go-ahead to paint him. He declined to sit personally.

Instead, he suggested I use a photograph sourced from online for the work, which I am absolutely proud to do.

It will be a huge undertaking for me and I will spend more than 500 hours painting the piece. It incorporates landscapes and images of animals from work by Scottish photographer and cinematographer Doug Allan.

His book Freeze Frame: A Wildlife Camerman’s Adventures on Ice will provide the inspiration.

I am itching to get started on this project. ✨

Lots of love, Carla x

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