Original size 75x105cm. Watercolour, pencil and tattoo ink.

Pushy’s Story – Words from Cranky’s Farm

“His name is Pushy because from the moment he arrived at Cranky’s Farm, that’s exactly what he did. He pushed his two friends (Cranky and Bubba) and his people around! Unfortunately for him, he was the smallest of the three and, despite his best efforts to lead the herd, that honour fell first to Cranky and then to Bubba.

The three of them, Bubba, Cranky and Push were born on a dairy farm and shipped to the sales at around a day old. They were purchased by a petting zoo and spent the first 4 months of their lives traveling around with other baby animals for the amusement of children and their families. Push was raised on powdered milk without the comfort, teaching and protection of his mum. In November 2009 I contacted the petting zoo and asked them what they did with their calves once they had outgrown the petting zoo. I was informed that they either sent them back to the sales or directly to the slaughterhouse because “they weren’t really worth anything to anyone”. I asked them if they had any calves they would consider passing on to us instead of sending to the sales/slaughterhouse. I was told that yes, they would have some ready to go in February of 2010. That is how the three of them ended up at Cranky’s. They arrived together, the first three residents on the property. They were little, underweight for their age, dirty and scared. They stood only just around a meter tall at the head. They were used to being handled though so we were able to show them lots of love and affection and they quickly realised that their lives had changed. No longer did they have to get onto a truck every day to be poked and prodded, they were home and they knew it. They were given lots of food, lots of treats and lots of love. They flourished. Push is now just under 6ft tall and weighs around 800kgs. He is magnificent, shiny black and confident. He is second in charge (although he would still dearly love to take that coveted crown) of the herd. He is respected by his fellow residents and loved by his people.”

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