Polar Bear Mother and Cub


Size: A4
It is an honour and a privilege to use my art to showcase his life’s work and the fantastic Doug Allan, cameraman, and cinematographer to share and bring awareness to climate issues we are currently facing. Environmental conservation has always been important to me as climate change is affecting everything around us. The melting sea ice in the Antarctic and the raising sea temperatures have dramatically affected the smallest of sea creatures.

Polar Bears are the largest predators in the arctic circle. They are the only mammal that will deliberately hunt down humans as a legitimate source of prey. The polar bears are a unique animal that is currently vulnerable to extinction. Loss of sea ice due to a warming climate is the biggest threat to their survival. Polar bears’ hunting grounds have diminished as the Arctic ice sheet melts, forcing them into populated areas as they try to find food. Due to climate change, the sea ice is melting more quickly, and the polar bears are fighting against the clock to collect enough food before they go into hibernation.
To help save these animals from extinction, we must all make a conscious choice to reduce our contribution to climate change by lower fossil fuel emissions. Recycle and reuse, use less electricity, driving less and more efficiently, be a conscious consumer, and use energy-efficient, sustainable products. If we don’t act now, the only way we will see these magnificent creatures is in captivity or in museums.

This is the third print of 13 unique and separate prints forming part of my Cold As Ice: Pieces of the Puzzle project. Each print comes with its very own exclusive video in a QR code AND you can collect them all! Purchase this beautiful exclusive print to read and find out more about the Emperor Penguins.

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