My Beautiful Heart


Watercolour and pencil on cotton paper.

The Heart represents – Our beating beautiful heart is the core, it’s our center. It  can also be our storm inside as the heart beats fast when it feels love or fear and the unknown. The heart receives messages from the brain that keeps the rhythm. What’s your heartbeat? What is it telling you now?

The Garden Surrounding the Heart Represents – All plants that we seed we should be mindful of as it can play a big part of our lives. What you’re about to plant in your garden can affect the rest of your life.

The Flowers Represents – The white daisy represents purity and our innocence. The green Ivy represents eternity, fidelity and strong affectionate attachment. The vines and weeds are the strangling part which stops our heart from flourishing.

The Spiritual Meaning – We are born innocent and sometimes we create our lives with so much drama that we don’t feel the beat of our hearts. We might plant flowers like the white daisy which represents  our purity and our innocence, but are we true to ourselves? As weeds may slip in , the feeling of being strangled will present itself inside, and our hearts might not cope? There might be an attachment that you not really wanting to be in, or the attachment you created can be sign that there is a huge commitment to come (e.g. wedding or baby on it way!) If the garden around the heart is not looked after it can be broken and the beat stops the rhythm.

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