Mr Artic Fox


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It is an honour and a privilege to use my art to showcase his life’s work and the fantastic Doug Allan, cameraman and cinematographer to share and bring awareness to climate issues we are currently facing. Environmental conservation has always been important to me as climate change is affecting everything around us. The melting sea ice in the Antarctic and the raising sea temperatures have dramatically affected the smallest of sea creatures.

The Arctic fox is a very hardy little creature that can withstand temps as low as -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit). In winter they have snow-white sometimes blue-grey coats to help them hide amongst the snow and ice. They have adapted so well to the region that as seasons change their coats will change to a brownish-grey to match the rocks and plants that emerge as the snow and ice melt. These changes in colourings help them on their hunts for rodents, birds and sometimes even fish. During the winter months, food is scarce; they will follow polar bears to scavenge from their leftovers.
In the early 20th century the Arctic Fox populations in northern Europe were decimated by hunting for their pelts, their numbers have never recovered despite the protection of the species since 1940. The artic fox populations are also under threat due to climate change. The melting sea ice is causing prey scarcity in some areas, leading to food completion with the increasing Red Fox populations moving northward with the warming climate. The threat to the Arctic Foxs’ survival is another example of rising sea temperatures due to climate change effect on our planet.

This is the third print of 13 unique and separate prints forming part of my Cold As Ice: Pieces of the Puzzle project. Each print comes with its very own exclusive video in a QR code AND you can collect them all! Purchase this beautiful exclusive print to read and find out more about the Artic Fox.

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