Watercolour. Pencil and pen on paper.

Life is feeling the breath in our lungs and listening to our heartbeats. Our bodies give us the essence of life and we should not let others run it for us.

Life Represents – Enjoying going to places, taking risks, saying yes, being positive, feeling the high vibrations and letting life begin in a positive way. It’s even better when you do all of these things with your soul mate.

Spiritual Meaning – We are born to experience life and we receive lessons to teach us how to appreciate life. We are responsible for all of our own decisions and choices. When we see life is so precious is when it might be too late. Live in the now like the kingfisher bird who catches its fish, eats it and enjoys, then watches the world go by without worry.

Kingfisher bird

  • Scientific name: Alcedines
  • Rank: Sub-order
  • Higher classification: Coraciiformes
  • Mass: Common kingfisher: 31 g
  • Length: Common kingfisher: 17 cm

Kingfishers live all over Australia, but predominantly in coastal regions. In Australia, there are 10 native species, including the kookaburra, which is the largest. Cloaked in stunning green, blue, turquoise and orange plumage, some kingfishers were once in danger of being hunted to extinction for their feathers.

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