Leap of Faith


Original size a2 watercolour and pencil on 600gsm cotton paper.

The Women Represents – Strength, nurturing and our feminine side. To have courage into leaping forward.

The Moon Phases Represent – We sometimes need to get out of the bubbles we create!  Eleven moons surround the woman. This is a sign of the months that have gone by where perhaps we have been in our bubbles. Ask yourself, where are you now in your life? What bubble mood are you in now?

We create stagnation around us when we are not growing, We only need one big fulfilled bubble to guide and protect us.

The Circle on the Top of the Head Represents – The circle of clear life. On top of our crown, it is our first realm of our world we live in which is created in our minds. We need reminding to ‘white light’ ourselves as we are made out of light energy.

The Spiritual Meaning – We are born to live life and to die, as we grow into months and years we other hold on not doing what we are here for, our purpose is to find it and when we do life goes forward even when it means to leap into faith ,trust your gut feelings, trust that your strong inside and have that faith life is for living not only for dying.

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