Fear of the Unknown


Original size a2 watercolour and pencil on 600gsm cotton paper.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. The biggest, oldest and strangest kind of fear is of the unknown, which is in our thoughts that control our mind.

The UFO Represents – Our future. They knew our futures before we were even born. They come and go. UFOs represent freedom to make a decision for our own futures. Go forward – don’t let fear of the unknown stop your decision.

The Girl Represents – Our feminine side and our vulnerability. Letting go represents our own strength to step forward and not letting feelings of the unknown stop us from flying and going forward in our lives.

Spiritual Meaning – Going through the fear of the unknown in your own life. This is a life lesson. Don’t let fear stop you but listen to your own intuitive feelings.

UFO Facts – One of the first UFO reports was in America. The very first ‘official’ mention of Unidentified Flying Objects in North America can be traced back to the year 1639. The event took place near the city of Boston. John Winthrop, governor of the Massachusetts colony wrote in his personal diary that in March of that year, “Inexplicable lights filled the sky”. Several people reported losing track of time.

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