Emperor Penguins: The March


Size: A4
It is an honour and a privilege to use my art to showcase his life’s work and the fantastic Doug Allan, cameraman, and cinematographer to share and bring awareness to climate issues we are currently facing. Environmental conservation has always been important to me as climate change is affecting everything around us. The melting sea ice in the Antarctic and the raising sea temperatures have dramatically affected the smallest of sea creatures.

Emporer penguins stand at an average of 100cm tall. The Emperor penguins are classified as near threatened, due to climate change and industrial fisheries causing shortages to their food sources. To find enough food, these penguins are having to spend longer at sea and venture further away from their young. Populations have declined by up to 50% in some places, and one colony off the Antarctic Peninsula has disappeared completely. Emperor penguins may be the only bird never to set foot on land as their colonies are on the sea ice and they even breed on the frozen sea. The Antarctic ice is vulnerable to climate change making the future uncertain for emperors as the sea ice cover has reduced by 60% in 30 years.
Emperor penguins are a vital part of the Antarctic food chain – they eat creatures like squid and small fish and are an essential food source for predators like leopard seals, Orcas, and large sharks. Losing one species has a devastating ripple effect on all other parts of the ecosystem and we, as a global community, need to focus on combatting climate change.

This is the third print of 13 unique and separate prints forming part of my Cold As Ice: Pieces of the Puzzle project. Each print comes with its very own exclusive video in a QR code AND you can collect them all! Purchase this beautiful exclusive print to read and find out more about the Emperor Penguins.

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