I’m an Aussie artist, tattooist and puppy lover with big creative dreams! As a youngster at only 24, I trailblazed my early 20’s and opened my business solo – yep, all by my own! I am obsessed with my pet pig, Crackles and all things vegan. I’ve been building my creative arts business since 2014. Read on for the rest!

I am a big hearted creative but you might wonder – ‘business and art hey, how does that work?’ Well,  I am a multifaceted creative and have many different talents and loves. Like you, I can’t be put into any one box! Plus I admire originality in both myself and others which means I love to do my own thing and pave my own path so to speak.

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    I found reading and writing difficult as a kid, and naturally gravitated to spending more time drawing, until eventually as a 13 year old, late nights we spent on my bedroom floor filling up art book after art book.  My dad was a ship draftsman and my mum would make creative pots for the markets, so I had everything at home to teach myself how to draw and create. So that’s exactly what I did!

    My style is contemporary and wide spread, with a hint of grunge thrown in to add my own touch of rarity and kwirk. For someone who found the words hard in my early years, I now love to use them to inspire and build layers and depth into my pieces. Often I incorporate sentences, phrases & words on their own to depict and deepen my creations for my clients. 

    You wanna know what lights me up?

    Making people feel and celebrate their emotions, though the meaning of their art that I create for them. If I can be that permission granter in your life that whispers … ‘I love your artistic ideas & the meaning behind them, let’s do this together’ … then I’ll consider my job done.