Pieces of the Puzzle
April 20, 2021

Mr Artic Fox, Polar Bear Mother and Cub, Emperor Penguins: The March

AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY UNTIL Wednesday 28/04/2021 These three prints in the Limited-Edition “Pieces of the Puzzle” print collection are my favourite prints to date. I have finally put a name…
Pieces of the Puzzle
February 9, 2021

Baby Seal

AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY UNTIL Wednesday 17/02/2021 The melting sea ice in the Antarctic and the rising sea temperatures have dramatically affected even the smallest of sea creatures. Environmental conservation has…
#2 Adélie Penguins Jumping The CrackPieces of the Puzzle
January 26, 2021

Adélie Penguins Jumping The Crack

SHOP ONLINE NOW ONLY UNTIL 03RD FEBRUARY, 2021! Environmental conservation has always been important to me as climate change is affecting everything around us. The melting sea ice in the…
Pieces of the Puzzle
January 12, 2021

The Cliff Hanger Is Here

AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY UNTIL 20TH JANUARY, 2021! Sir David Attenborough has played a crucial role in the education and championing of environmental conservation and research. We have all grown up…