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My butt hasn’t left this chair too much in the last 3 weeks as I have been working on a special new piece for you. It will be available for purchase in my shop this Wednesday 13th January, 2021 and will include a QR code holding juicy and professionally shot footage PLUS a bunch of other cool stuff!

80% of the proceeds of my Sir David Attenborough portrait piece will be donated to charity, and as part of the project, I am releasing 13 unique & separate prints in my shop. Each print comes with its very own exclusive video in a QR code AND you can collect them all!

IMPORTANT: These prints will ONLY be available for ONE WEEK at a time in my shop with each print release.

If you missed this on Facebook recently, here is a little behind the scenes sneak peak of some filming we’ve done to compliment the first part of my new Sir David Attenborough series. I am working with the very clever Luke, from Umbrella Creative. Oh yeah,  sh#*s getting real!

I can’t wait for this release so I am jumping on Facebook LIVE tonight at 7pm QLD to show you the first part of what I’ve been working on. I look forward to seeing you there.