Carla Benzie

Artist | Tattooist | Animal Charity Fundraiser

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    Hey there!,

    I’m Carla Benzie.

    I am an expert at drawing absolutely anything you wish, a nerd when it comes to getting into the finer details of my creations and my obsession is designing gorgeous new artworks  for my clients every single day!

    An Australian self taught artist, tattooist and animal charity fundraiser, my happiest moments are spent pottering away on new creations in my blissful bush studio or quietly sitting amongst my array of sweet cheeky animals in solitude somewhere.

    Drawing the finer details

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    I’m an Aussie artist, tattooist and puppy lover with big creative dreams! As a youngster at only 24, I trail-blazed my early 20’s and opened my business solo – yep, all by my own! I am obsessed with my pet pig, Crackles and all things vegan. I’ve been building my creative arts business since 2014.

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